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Why Us?

Apart from the features of our range there are many things about our company which impress customers. Today we are serving huge number of customers who are pleased by our services. Following are the factors which make our customers get attracted towards us:

  • Timely delivery of consignments
  • Suitable material used for packaging to maintain freshness
  • Feeds are available at reasonable prices
Raw Material Used

Animals such as dogs, sheep or fish, belong to different categories. Some of them are pet and some are domestic which work in farms or are kept to obtain eggs or milk. Their needs are different according to their utilization of energy. We have created a range which contains different food for different animals, which is highly suitable for their nurturing process. We use raw material such as  Mustard Oil Cake, Rice Bran, Maize, Soya etc which provides Vitamins and minerals to animal. In addition to this, these raw materials also provide animals with Vitamin D3 which is essential for them.

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