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We offer a wide variety of Animal Feed such as Cattle Feed, Fish Feed, Poultry Feed, etc in different packaging..


About Us

Since 1992, we, Kapila Feeds Pvt. Ltd. are known for manufacturing and supplying Animal Feed in a wide variety. Our range includes Cattle Feed, Fish Feed, Poultry Feed,  etc. There are people who love pet animals and keep them in their homes. On the other hand, there are other people for whom domestic animals are very crucial for their livelihood. In both the cases, animal owners want their pets to be healthy as well as happy. For this, they look for qualitative, nutritious, pure as well as safe food for them. We, assure customers that the food manufactured in our company is 100% safe to be consumed by the animals. We use high end machines such as Pallet Machine and Grinding Machine to give our products fine consistency. Our manufacturing team is highly experienced and completely aware of the needs of a particular animal. For different animals, we offer feeds that are manufactured using different raw ingredients. We believe that it is our duty to take precaution against the situation when an animal is ill. Our feed work as a shield against diseases and is good for the digestive system of animals.
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